The best places to Finger

One of the mailbag questions was "Can I finger a girl on the dance floor?" That's a risky proposition. Privacy, of course, is at a premium when you're hooking up with a girl. At a dance, on a bench in public, at a door step, these are NOT ideal locations for fingering!

You want to find a private spot where one thing can lead to another. No, you don't need to hide in a broom closet (though that can be a good option in a pinch) but if you're at a party, maybe check some of the bedrooms and lock the door. Fingering a girl might lead to other things, like oral or regular sex. Double check to make sure that you are alone in the room though, you never know who might have the same idea and has their own makeout session in the corner.

If you can't get a private room, you may want to seek the cover of darkness outside. Be careful of getting spotted by party-goers, neighbors, cops, etc. The woods can be good, but wild animals can freak your girl out. Also you'll have dirt, twigs, and thorns to deal with. Ideally you can find a nice safe neighborhood with some nooks and crannies to camp out in on your way to Vagina Town.

Another great option is inside your car, or a friend's car. You can finger a girl with as much privacy as you want, and you can also change location if necessary (patrol cars creeping around, wandering peeping Toms, etc). The disadvantage here is that you can often be cramped and uncomfortable. It may be difficult to both face each other because your legs have nowhere to go, yet if you lay down there's not that much room on the narrow seat and it can be difficult to maneuver your hands.

There is no perfect place to finger a girl, but some are better than others. Do some experimentation and find out what works for you.