How To Finger A Girl: Mail Bag 1

how to finger a girlDear How To Finger A Girl:

Q: my boyfriend just started fingering me recently, and sometimes it hurts and sometimes it doesn't. Is it normal for it to hurt, i know this is a weird question, but it seems weird for it to hurt, its just a little finger...and yes i do wear tampons so im used to things being up there...

A: Many different things can be causing this. As the time of the month changes, so does the texture inside your vagina. The days leading up to, during, and after your period will have natural and sometimes thick lubrication, whereas other times of the month you may be naturally dryer.

The most important factor though is your state of arousal. If he goes right for insertion without any other foreplay, your body probably won't be ready for it. Have your boyfriend stimulate the rest of your body first, and also talk to you in a sexual way. The brain is the most powerful sexual organ in the body!

Hey How To Finger A Girl, what about periods:

how to finger a girlQ: Can you finger a girl if she's having her period? Is there ever a time of month that's not a good time? My girlfriend told me that it wasn't a good time. Is this because she didn't want to, or something else?

A: Yes, you can finger a girl any time she lets you. Your girlfriend might just be uncomfortable with the "blood" situation and may get creeped out about the thought of your hand looking like it got caught in a garbage disposal as you take it out from between her legs. If you don't mind a little blood, make sure you tell her so, and then if there is some blood definitely reassure her that you don't mind. Lots of girls actually get very horny during their period due to increased levels of hormones in their bodies.

Clubbin + Fingerin?
how to finger a girl
Q: I heard that at clubs, guys finger the girls at the club while they grinding (dancen) with them. When is it okay to do this? Foam party, corner, how long should i wait to start fingering her and how do i know she will let me?

A: Like any other time, you can only finger a girl if she is ready and willing. If you're dancing in a club and thinking about going down south, first run some tests to see if she's likely to let you. When dancing from behind, have your hands slowly make their way from her hips toward the inner thighs. Don't be obvious, your hands should be constantly moving as you dance but you should also definitely be sending her a message. If she doesn't stop you in your tracks, you likely have gotten a green light. Find a shady corner or slip into a bathroom stall and go to work.

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