How To Finger A Girl: Quick Tips

how to finger a girlHere are some quick hits to keep in mind during your journey to find out how to finger a girl:

Bring on some arousal before insertion. Don't just start jamming fingers in unwelcome places. Increase her body's responsiveness by making her more emotionally and physically comfortable with you. Kissing the neck or massaging the body will make vaginal play easier, believe it or not.

Clip those finger nails! We're talking about a highly sensitive area here that is very responsive to pleasure and pain. So keep your nails short to avoid any unwelcome pain.

Lots of fingers isn't necessarily better. A common rookie move when trying to figure out how to finger a girl is to have this mental conversation: "Well if one finger feels good, then four fingers must feel like heaven!" This might be true for some girls, but usually not. And certainly not if you try to do it too soon without proper lubrication.

Harder and faster isn't necessarily better.
Similar to the point above, there is a natural tendency to get swept up in the excitement and start blasting away like a jackhammer. Sometimes this is ok, but a lot of girls actually like rhythmic movements regardless of the speed. Plowing away too hard can actually take away from the girl's stimulation. Don't rush, if something feels good for your partner then she probably just needs consistent pressure and time in order to reach that big O.

Don't be afraid of bringing in outside help. There might be some items that help out in your partner's pleasure. Try using some lubricant like KY Jelly if it takes her a while to get wet or if she just likes it. Vibrators can be fun if you can get over your jealousy. And if she has a female friend that can pitch in by giving her a topless massage while you go to work downtown, then who are you to interfere?

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