How To Finger A Girl: Meet the Vagina

how to finger a girlIf you are going to learn how to finger a girl, you are going to have to get familiar with your work space. Well, here it is in all its graphic glory.

When you were 11, you thought a vagina looked like this: \|/

Years later after some exploration, you realized there is a lot more going on down there. Unless you've stealthily searched through Health class textbooks, you probably haven't seen it quite as open as this.

And yet this is only the outside of the vaginal region. When leaning how to finger a girl there is a whole other world inside the vagina.

These are all erogenous zones that we will explore them more fully later on. The main point to take home here is that there are many areas that you should be focusing your attention on, and should not just go straight to jamming fingers in the vagina.

That's all for now on how to finger a girl. Come back for more, real soon.