How To Finger A Girl: Intro

I hope you're ready for some powerful stuff.

This is not meant to be a raunchy or humorous blog. This is straight info shot directly into your brain. For whatever reason, you have an interest in bringing a female to a high level a physical pleasure using your hands. You may have a long term girlfriend and you want to share deeper sexual intimacy. Maybe you're a guy who wants to be able to give hordes of random girls the best one-night-stand of their lives. Or you could be a girl looking to understand your body more and step up your solo sessions.

Whoever you are and whatever your story, your end goal is that same. You want to hear uncontrollable screams of pleasure, and I will help you hear those screams.

We are going to explore parts of the female anatomy that you had no idea existed. I'm talking about erogenous zones that don't even have common slang terms...get ready to hear a lot of latin names.

This blog is designed to teach you how to finger a girl using a continuous series of posts. Check back frequently for more!