How To Finger A Girl: The G-Spot & Female Ejaculation

how to finger a girlMany guys (and a lot of girls too) may be surprised when figuring out how to finger a girl that females can ejaculate. Females do not ejaculate sperm however, instead they fire off a hot liquid from their urethra.

Female ejaculation is pretty rare, mostly because it is difficult and not everyone knows the technique to produce it. The how to finger a girl here is summed up in one part: the G-spot. The G-Spot is also known as the Urethral Sponge and is located on the upper portion of the vaginal wall (check back in the future for a post on how to find the G-Spot).

G-Spot orgasms are often described as deeper and more intense than regular clitoral orgasms. It is elusive and often considered the Holy Grail of a woman's sexual pleasure, so explore and work G-Spot play into your sexual repertoire.