How To Finger A Girl: Mail Bag 2

how to finger a girl
Dear How To Finger A Girl:

Q: which hole do you put it in?

A: When we discuss how to finger a girl, we are usually talking about the vagina for insertion. There is a lot more to fingering than just shoving fingers though. There will be a lot of technique that revolves around the clitoris and other sensitive areas in and around the vagina. See Meet The Vagina for a diagram of many of the female erogenous zones.

how to finger a girlIs it normal to lick your fingers after fingering?

Q: During sex…my boyfriend after fingering me I saw him sucking his finger like it was something tasty. He also tried leading my hand so that I can masturbate myself and he himself but I didn’t do it because it seemed weird to me. Is that a weird thing to do? Fingering the girl and suck it?

A: This is a normal thing to do. Your boyfriend probably likes your taste because it's yours and it turns him on. It's also ok to masturbate in front of your boyfriend and to watch him as well, it sounds like he's just into a wide range of sexual activity. I say try out new things, it keeps things interesting and you might find some things you would have never guessed you'd like!

Will my girl get loose?
how to finger a girl
Q: can i make my girlfriends vagina un-tight if i finger it too much? she's 16 and i finger her like 1-3 times every 2 weeks, but not always.

A: Fingering can cause the vagina to loosen, but it's more likely to happen from years of sex than a few fingering sessions. The vagina is designed to accommodate a baby passing through it and then return to normal size, so a finger or two is less of a concern.

The short answer is: don't worry about it, finger away.

The longer answer: It will take a really long time to notice any difference in tightnessd, but a goo practice to get into is "kegel exercises". This is when the girl tightens and releases the muscles in the vagina on a regular basis to make them stronger and keep them tight.

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